My Approach to Your Fitness

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
Specialist in Fitness Nutrition
Specialist in Exercise Therapy

Despite what you see and hear in the media, knowing what to do to improve your fitness and health is actually quite simple.  However, knowing how to do it is not simple at all.  With your busy schedule you are probably pulled in many directions at once so healthy living needs to fit in wherever it can.  Here is where some of the noise in the fitness world comes from.  Well-meaning people out there try to come up with techniques that will work for a lot of people.  In reality, they just add to the noise that we have to dig through.

The rest of the noise comes from journalists and authors who try to say something surprising in the hopes that you’ll read their article, watch their show, or buy their book. Often, it is based on a kernel of truth but can be taken out of context very easily.  Unfortunately, all of that noise just serves to further confuse and discourage you.  That’s why my main goal is to get rid of all that noise.

I’ll cut the clutter so you can take control.

I know what it is like to make time for fitness when the gym isn’t your top priority.  I spent 10 years in the stressful telecommunications environment doing just that.  I worked at a fiber optic start-up and used exercise find the energy to keep up with the never ending workload.  Exercise also helped me manage the stress of economic uncertainty of a start-up.

The reason my routine worked so well was the fact that I included all aspects of fitness while still making it simple enough to stick with it.  I created a simple yet comprehensive approach to improve my health and now I use the same approach as a trainer.

I cut through the hundreds of potential exercises to just a dozen or less.  I look for stretches that you can do correctly and consistently during your workout and in daily life.  I give simplified and focused nutritional advice that will get you to eat well without the confusion.  I cut the clutter.

Here is where you come in.  Only you can control the food that you put in your body.  Only you can make the time to be active.  I filter all of the noise in fitness so…  You can take control.