Create a Weekly Plan

The quest for good health should go way beyond the time you spend training with me.  Most people aren’t sure how to put it all together in a way that is easy to understand.  I can compile a comprehensive yet easy to follow weekly exercise routines for you.

When do you plan on making time to exercise, roughly how much time will you have, and when during the day will it be?Here is the information that I’ll need to put together a weekly plan:

  • Are there any group exercise classes or physical activities outside the gym that you want to make sure you can do?  Gym work should incorporate these activities and make them more enjoyable (not stand in the way).
  • Are there any days of the week that might be tougher to follow through with than others? Think about days when something can get in the way of the intended time as well as days when you may not get as much sleep the night before. These workouts can be expendable with more important workouts on other days.
  • Are there days that you are more likely to be stuck at a desk or in your car for extended periods of time? We’ll make sure you aren’t uncomfortably sore on those days.

I can use this information from you to draw up a clear, comprehensive, and workable weekly plan that will put you in control of your fitness.